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I-Tech is a pioneering security company based in Egypt, We offer the best security solutions for your needs and implement our systems in your work cycle with excellent training, professional technical support and warranty service. With personal passion and resolve, we reinvent and optimize the way your world works.I-Tech is your steadfast partner in delivering globally intelligent technology that accelerates your journey towards success.


Building productive, long-term relationships with clients and each other The way we treat each other in achieving our objectives is just as important as what we achieve.


We learn by continuously developing-and deepening-our knowledge of our business, and the skills of everyone within it.


We understand the pressures of business, we offer competitive pricing without sacrificing service or reliability. We provide on time and on budget security


Be good at building deep and mutual understanding through effective communication with our colleagues, so that to work jointly and win a new progress.


We like simple. We simplify quoting, reporting, billing and all other administrative tasks. This allows an efficient service for both us and our clients


Being the largest firm and establishing ourselves as clearly the best-in our industry means developing innovative ideas and putting them into practice successfully.


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Incloud System Incloud system makes it easier for Companies to manage Daily attendance, payroll ,Leaves and Vacations through a mobile application and web interface with a management web interface that could be customized visually to fit your brand.

App Features

  • Profile

    It contain general information of the employee like (Name, Mobile, Email, Title…).

  • Notification

    incloud system can send notifications to employees like official vacations.

  • My Balance

    You can see your Vacation balance and leave early Balance for the current year.

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  • New Request

    You can make Vacation request with different types of vacations, Leave early request & Abnormal attend requests.

  • My Request

    you can see your requests which you made in any month of current year and it’s status.

  • Reports

    you can see your attendance and salary reports.

App incloud On The Go

Enjoy our app whenever you are, whenever you want. Audio dialogues are even downloadable for offline listening.

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